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Web Design

The design of your website is the first step in its evolution of a successful web presence. Once it is online, it needs traffic. Good Guys Local Marketing can help bring traffic to your site using internet marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), local search marketing, e-mail marketing, and Offline Advertising.

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Promotional Videos

They say that a picture speaks a 1000 words, well the same principle applies to video. Although were not saying that any old Joe and his cam recorder is going to create a successful video that’s going to lead buyers like sheep through your doors. Promotional videos are an art and we can build your very own promotion video to promote your product or services. Start using video to promote your business now.

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Social Media

Social Media has become one of the largest advertising strategies in the world today. Its not whether or not you have a social media presence that counts, but how well you do at it. Social media can be confusing frustrating and very time consuming which is why wed like to hand our expertise to help your business succeed amongst your customers.  Here at Good Guys Local Marketing, we help your business stand out of the competition and progress in getting the audience you require.

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Mobile Websites

50% of local searches are now done on mobile devices, customers doing local searches on their mobile are also 8 times more likely to buy because they are out and about shopping or away from home already. But 98% of business websites aren’t optimized for mobile users, meaning 3 out of 4 mobile users will leave after getting frustrated. Chances are you don’t even know what your website looks and performs on a mobile device as most business owners forget to check out their own website. Ease of use , functionality and how your information is presented to your mobile user has a huge impact on whether they find the information they are looking for and can take the next step to walking through your doors or calling you up for further questions. With roughly 50% of your customers making mobile searches the time is now to get a mobile optimized website.

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Our Customers/ Friends

At Good Guys local Marketing we like to think of our customers as our friends rather than our clients so were up for sharing ideas and strategies about your business virtually 24/7 not just 9 to 5. At Good Guys Local Marketing we immerse ourselves with your business, we will think sleep and talk about your business to get the next big idea which also might involve taking a walk around the block in your customers shoes and thinking about things from different angles to make sure we completely understand you, your business and your customers. We don’t stop at just good we strive for better. Our services aren’t open to everyone, were only interested in dealing with businesses who might have something unique to offer and are highly motivated and passionate in what they have to offer.

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Golden Ticket Marketing Ideas

We understand that you started up your business with a dream but also with the intention to make money. And perhaps that dream hasn’t quite worked out how you planned and customers aren’t rolling through the door like you had expected from yellow pages, radio and newspaper adverts. Things have changed drastically with how small business can reach out and entice consumers to buy their products, it’s now all about the consumer and not so much about the business which can be confusing about how you can now go about doing effective marketing for your business, but were full of ideas and were ready to take on the next challenge.

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